Low Profile

img-lowprofileThe Sly LP series of bulk material loading spouts is ideal for tight spaces. Its retracted height of only 22″ with a maximum 48″ of vertical travel makes it great for close quarter loading or retrofits. Models are available with 200 or 300 CFM capacities.

SLY, LLC. represents 140+ years of experience in design and manufacturing of bulk material handling, dust collectors and air pollution control equipment. With the most modern research and engineering refinements, Sly produces quality-built, trouble-free bulk material low profile loading spouts. They are unexcelled for reliable and heavy duty performance – even in the most demanding applications. Shipped ready to install, Sly Loading Spouts provide excellent product flow and clean handling, as well as reduced product loss, operating costs and maintenance expenses. Bulk material loading spouts may be ordered with a full line of support equipment and back-up engineering service for custom applications. A variety of mounting configurations and product contact materials are available to fit each application, including stainless steel parts for use with foods or corrosive products. Retractable internal stacking cones reduce bulk material loading spout wear and dusting by maintaining straight product flow through the spout. The cones achieve this desired flow pattern by breaking up swirling air currents which, unchecked, would draw product into the negative air stream.