Leading companies across major industries count on our industrial dust collection systems, wet scrubbers, and analysis services to solve unique challenges and meet the most rigid specifications for retrofits and new installations. You’ll find our conveyance solutions worldwide in battery, rubber, rail, mineral, and cement production facilities.

We understand that each industry, company, and facility has different needs and specifications. The common factor is dust control. While the essential tools and equipment remain the same, companies from around the globe come to Sly LLC for a customized approach and innovative thinking for industrial dust control systems that overcome both common and unique challenges.

Our team of experienced professionals has assessed conditions within facilities in diverse industries. In fact, with over 150 years in the dust control business, we have designed, installed, and serviced industrial dust control equipment for countless application scenarios. Look to Sly LLC to optimize air quality, control air pollution, enhance plant safety, and deliver long-term, reliable performance.

Industries We Serve

  • Chemicals – Control hazardous chemical dust for better air quality/worker safety
  • Pharmaceuticals – Avoid cross-contamination and maintain workplace standards in pharmaceutical processing
  • Fly Ash – Effectively manage flow challenges related to fly ash
  • Metalworking – Control dust and related fumes in metalworking operations
  • Carbon Black – Improve air quality by eliminating carbon dust
  • Plastics Industry – Mitigate combustion of resin dust in the Plastics/Resin industry
  • Lithium – Contain and recover fine lithium dust to recycle into production
  • Biomass – Overcome the challenges related to the diverse array of biomass materials
  • Oil and Gas – Clear up wastes associated with oil and gas production
  • Powder and Bulk Solids – Contain dust associated with fire hazards and potential toxicity
  • Food Processing – Prevent cross-contamination or spread of potential allergens in food processing facilities
  • Cement and Asphalt (Construction) – Clamp down on environmental issues by controlling dust in cement and asphalt operations

Featured Industries



Biomass materials range from wood chips and sawdust to agricultural residue or municipal waste. Its diversity presents dust collection challenges, with particle size, shape, moisture content, and combustion potential variations. Sly customizes dust collection solutions for optimal performance across the spectrum of biomass processing facilities.

Learn more about how we serve the Biomass Industry.




The lithium processing industry poses significant challenges due to the dust’s highly reactive nature, which poses the potential for thermal runaway if not properly handled. Sly offers specialized equipment, processes, and industry knowledge to ensure safe and effective dust collection.

Learn more about how we serve the Lithium Industry.