Light and Precious: Priorities in Lithium Dust Collection

Lithium demand has surged due to its use in lithium-ion batteries, driven by the shift from fossil fuel vehicles to electric (EVs) and society’s increased dependence on electronic devices for educational, recreational, industrial, and commercial purposes. These drivers are anticipated to contribute to lithium market growth for an estimated CAGR of 12% through 2030.

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Lithium is a mineral that is either mined or extracted from salt flat brine. Among its properties, its position on the periodic table and the size of lithium atoms make it an ideal material for battery production. The ion’s size and capabilities give lithium-ion batteries high voltage and charge storage per unit mass and volume. Lithium is utilized in a few industries, but battery manufacturers claim it most.

Lithium is metal, and the dust it generates is very lightweight. It is also highly combustible, like other dust generated during battery production. Specific regulations, such as standards issued by the National Fire Protection Association, require facilities to test dust for its explosion potential (Kst value).

Other metal oxides in the dust can cause health problems during lithium mining and grinding. Proper lithium dust capture recovers a precious resource and improves air quality within processing plants for health purposes.

Dust collection systems are employed throughout the process stream, from initial mining through grinding and milling. This collects nuisance dust or recovers valuable resources such as lithium carbonate/hydroxide particles destined for industrial use.

Sly LLC offers specialized design approaches that consider factors such as air-to-cloth ratio vs. interstitial velocity, media selection based on characteristics like moisture levels or micron sizes, or timing for cleaning cycles. In addition, Sly takes security seriously when designing proprietary processes for customers processing lithium for battery manufacturers.

Lithium processing operations can count on the experienced engineers at Sly, who deliver previous experience working with lithium dust and a reputation for service and quality.

An industrial dust collection system for lithium can collect valuable process dust, reduce nuisance dust, and improve air quality to help companies meet environmental and occupational safety regulations.

Sly has designed dust collection systems for lithium processing operations, drawing from a full line of equipment possibilities, including wet scrubbers, loading spouts, cyclones, bag houses, and the media installed inside the baghouse. A few of the factors taken into consideration:

  • Volume for sizing
  • Inlet location and placement (considering the relatively light bulk density of lithium)
  • Media and bag type
  • Explosion-proof venting and electrical systems
  • Voltage requirements based on installation location.

Lithium processors can count on confidentiality and performance with Sly, LLC. We bring over 100 years of experience in the dust collection industry and, more specifically, 20-plus years assisting with lithium processing dust collection to benefit your application.

Contact us today for a proprietary system design that can overcome your process challenges. Improve your process efficiencies and the air quality within your facility.

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Capture Every Micron of Lithium with Sly LLC Dust Collection
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