Dust Collectors

Dust Collection, More Than Just Clean Air

Any manufacturer of dust collectors and air pollution control equipment can give you clean air, but at SLY, LLC, that’s just the beginning. Sly offers flexibility in its dust equipment that other manufacturers can’t match. That’s because we don’t outsource our manufacturing. Sly, Inc. produces a wide-ranging line of reliable, strong baghouses, industrial dust collectors and industrial air cleaners, and more that will keep your company running clean and efficient. Sly baghouse dust collectors have been used in many applications and industries for over 100 years, and Sly even holds the very first patent ever issued for cloth-type dust collectors.

Why We Customize Air Pollution Control Equipment

Unlike many air pollution control equipment suppliers, we refuse to mass-produce products and then hope for a good fit. We have maintained flexibility in our engineering techniques which permit us to manufacture all baghouses and dust collectors to fit the task at hand while maintaining a price to you that is comparable to mass-produced equipment. In many cases, it costs no more to get the very best in dust collection equipment. Please contact Sly, Inc. today, and let us show you peace of mind.


Dust Collector Fact Sheet

Dry dust collectors and baghouses are the go-to means of air quality control for many industrial applications. Here’s our quick fact sheet to see if a dry dust collector is right for you. 

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TubeJet® – Pulse Jet Collectors

Sly TubeJet® dust collectors offer on-line cleaning with a steady pressure drop. Bag changes are exceptionally easy with our “no tools required ” design. We offer a full range of baghouse designs and media choices to solve the toughest pollution control problems involving high temperatures, pressures and corrosives. Capacities to 200,000+ CFM.



Cartridge Filter Collectors

img-cartridge-filterThe Specially engineered Opti-Pulse™ venturi pulse system maximizes energy release provides more uniform dust release. Cleans all of the cartridge, including the hard-to-clean cartridge dust collector tops which are not cleaned by conventional pulse systems.




Legacy Dust Collectors

legacy-dynaclonePrior to 1990, all Sly dust collectors utilized an envelope-style filter bag. Many long-time Sly customers are still operating our durable and reliable Dynaclones, Pactecons, and Shaker-cleaned dust collectors.



Reverse Air Collectors

When energy savings are critical or the availability of quality compressed air is limited, the Sly RAC (reverse air collector) is an ideal option.




Let us update your old dust collector!

We can re-engineer and modernize existing collectors (Sly and others) for top performance.



Explosion Protection Expertise

Combustible dusts may be a potential risk in your dust collectors and Sly has the expertise to help you to meet the NFPA standards that OSHA has been authorized to enforce beginning in 2008.

Sly’s dust collection professionals can assist you in all aspects of this challenging issue of explosion protection.