Why We Are Different
Many companies make air pollution control equipment, but none have been doing it as long as Sly.

Over a century has passed since our original patent for the cloth dust collector. Over the years, we’ve learned plenty about the application and fabrication of dust collectors and scrubbers. Here are the main points:

“In the pollution control business, conservative application of technology is best.”

Equipment misapplication has no place in the air pollution control business. Not only is improper equipment apt to fall short of collection requirements, it is oftentimes more expensive to operate than the properly applied equipment. For example, incorrect sizing and improper media choice can easily lead to excessive maintenance and costly downtime. When you deal with Sly, we have your best long term air pollution control interests in mind.

“We believe in fitting the equipment to the customer’s needs, not the customer to the equipment’s capabilities.”

This approach earns us the respect and repeat business of many sophisticated buyers of air pollution control equipment. These people, many of whom buy dozens of dust collectors or scrubbers every few years, have always represented a large portion of our customer base.

“We build our own equipment…for some very good reasons.”

Part of the reason Sly can custom-fabricate a dust collector or scrubber for you while keeping a competitive price is just that: we are the manufacturer. Unlike the majority of our competitors, we don’t outsource our dust collection production. We do our own engineering, metal fabrication, painting, assembly, quality control, and laboratory R&D. This way we control every step of the process, allowing us greater flexibility to build the best dust collector or scrubber for your individual needs. We have a strong commitment to shipping dates and routinely guarantee ship dates when requested.

“Our obligation to the customer doesn’t end when the equipment is shipped.”

Sly’s staff of engineers can promptly assist you in troubleshooting your dust collector or scrubber or with other field service problems should they arise at your facility. This commitment to total customer support helps guarantee superior value for your investment.