Sales Department Personnel

Bill Kurz

Bill Kurz, Regional Sales Manager

Bill has been with the Sly family since 1974, during which time he has served as a sales engineer, district manager, and sales manager. Currently Vice President of Sly, Inc., Bill has seen it all over the course of his extensive career. It’s almost guaranteed he will be able to answer any customer inquiry about wet and dry dust collection. Bill specializes in field service, troubleshooting, and system design, and has broad experience in baghouse, cartridge filter, and wet scrubber applications. Outside of work, Bill enjoys playing guitar, tennis and golf.

Contact Bill regarding:

  • Troubleshooting and field service questions
  • System design inquiries
  • General product knowledge in wet and dry dust collection


Dave Mosinksi

Dave Mosinski, Regional Sales Manager

A man of many hats, Dave has been at Sly since 1987, during which time he has worked as a mechanical designer, aftermarket account manager, aftermarket sales manager, contract administration, and sales engineer. Dave has a sincere desire for customer satisfaction and prides himself on the ability to find the most cost-effective and appropriate dust collection equipment for individual applications. He specializes in dry dust collection and loading spouts. Outside of work, Dave enjoys photography, cycling, and golf.Contact Dave regarding:

  • Dry dust collection design and performance
  • Dust collector accessories, including exhaust fans, rotary airlocks, conveyors, and controls
  • Sales inquiries
  • Troubleshooting


Al Moretti

Al Moretti, Regional Sales Manager

Al has been in the air pollution control industry since 1990 and joined Sly in 2021. He has extensive experience with most types of air pollution control equipment for both industrial and utility applications. Throughout his career he has worked as a Process Engineer, Project Engineer, Engineering Supervisor, Project Manager, and License Manager. Al also has his PMP certification. He is passionate about this industry and prides himself on finding the right solution to meet his Customer’s needs. At Sly, he specializes in dry dust collection. In his spare time, Al enjoys cycling, cooking and coffee. He even roasts his own coffee beans.

Contact Al regarding:

  • Dry dust collection design and performance
  • System design and application
  • Sales inquiries
  • Troubleshooting


Aaron Zalar

Aaron Zalar, Project Engineer – Dry

Aaron joined the Sly New Equipment Sales Team in 2021 as a Project Engineer. He graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Aaron specializes in the dry dust collection and loading spout product lines. Outside of work he enjoys weightlifting, JuJutsu and competing in Spartan Races.

Contact Aaron regarding:

    • Dry dust collection design and performance
    • Dust collector accessories including exhaust fans, rotary airlocks, conveyors, and controls
    • Sales inquires
    • Troubleshooting


Dwayne Sanders

Dwayne Sanders, Scrubber Product Manager

Dwayne began work at Sly as a scrubber product manager in June 2016. Prior to joining the Sly team, Dwayne worked in the industry in leadership roles focused on engineering, sales, and project management. He has over 30 years of industry experience and received a Bachelor’s Degree in chemical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. Fun fact: Dwayne is a past member of USA Paralympic Cycling Team!

Contact Dwayne regarding:

  • Wet scrubber applications
  • Air pollution control equipment
  • General industry knowledge
  • Proposals and estimates
  • Troubleshooting
  • Accessories and scrubber systems


Shawn Altaffer

Shawn Altaffer, Project Engineer – Wet

Shawn joined Sly’s new systems department in 2022. A northwest Ohio native, he earned his chemical engineering degree at the University of Toledo. He has operated in the emissions control industry since 2006 and has broad experience with both industrial and utility applications. His career includes working as a process engineer, applications engineer, and sales manager. He has a strong drive to help clients through challenging applications. At Sly, Shawn specializes in wet scrubber system applications, including technology selection and system design. Outside of the office, he enjoys reading and traveling.

Contact Shawn regarding:

    • Wet scrubber applications; including dust, aerosol, and gas collection
    • General emissions control equipment knowledge
    • Troubleshooting
    • System design inquiries
    • Sales inquiries, estimates, and proposals


Rob Koch

Rob Koch, Contract Administrator

Rob has been with Sly since 2002, having served as a designer, designer draftsman, field service representative, and inside sales representative. In his current role of contract administrator he specializes in customer service and possesses a vast knowledge of pollution control equipment, including dust collectors, wet scrubbers, and loading spouts. Rob is committed to assisting Sly’s customers and sales representatives in a helpful, professional manner. In his spare time, he plays bass and sings in local bands (including a KISS tribute group!) and is most likely the biggest Cleveland sports fan you will ever meet.

Contact Rob regarding:

  • Information on sold orders
  • Approval process
  • Progress billing
  • Shipping
  • Warranty information
  • Expediting
  • General knowledge of pollution control equipment


Melanie Nero

Melanie Nero, Sales, Engineering and Office Administrator

Melanie is our Sales, Engineering and Office Administrator and joined the Sly Team in 2022. She has customer service and inside sales experience and her primary focus is order entry and Bill of Material entry.

Contact Melanie regarding:

  • Information on sold orders
  • Approval Process
  • Progress billing
  • Shipping
  • Expediting


Doug Lantow

Doug Lantow, Aftermarket Manager

Doug has worked at Sly since 2005 in the Aftermarket Department, specializing in service and parts for all brands of dust collectors. He received his BSBA in Management from Ohio Northern University and his BSBA in Marketing from Defiance College. Doug has the answer to every question you may have about dust collector parts, especially filters and cages. In his spare time, he enjoys woodworking and photography.

Contact Doug regarding:

  • Dust collector service
  • Dust collector replacement parts
  • Expertise on baghouse filters and cages


Ella Boitell

Ella Boitell, Aftermarket Account Manager

Ella has been a member of the Sly Sales Team since 2016 as an Aftermarket Account Executive. She came to Sly with experience in numerous outside sales positions and currently focuses on providing aftermarket dust collector products for competitive OEM’s. Ella prides herself on going the extra mile by rolling up her sleeves to provide cost effective solutions for her customers. She is a mother of two, a son who is an Environmental Journalist at the Indy Star and a daughter working on a degree in Animal Science with hopes of becoming a large animal veterinarian.

Contact Ella regarding:

  • Aftermarket filter/cartridge quotes
  • Aftermarket cage quotes


Tricia Montz

Tricia Montz, Aftermarket Sales Assistant

Tricia joined the Sly team in June of 2021. Her background is predominantly customer service and sales, with extensive experience in aftermarket part sales and vendor management. Tricia earned her Bachelor of Science, Business Management from Western Governor’s University. When she’s not working, Tricia enjoys spending time with her husband and children hiking and visiting amusement parks. As a family they also enjoy listening to music and attending concerts.

Contact Tricia regarding:

    • Information on sold orders
    • Shipping
    • Expediting
    • Sales inquiries