Industrial Bulk Solids Loading Spouts

Whether you’re loading or stacking bulk materials, Sly makes a spout that will handle any dry material you need to move. Sly spouts are ideal for radial stacking or loading into railroad cars, trucks, ships, barges, containers and barrels. Sly bulk material loading spouts let you move powdered chemicals, cements, grain products, sand, gravel, coal or any other dry bulk material–without dust.

Internal Stacking Cones Give Maximum Flexibility, Maximum Clearance
Sly bulk material spouts make material handler clearance problems a thing of the past. Internal stacking cones telescope for maximum flexibility when loading, and maximum clearance when not in use. Standard cones are 5/16″ seamless molded polyethylene. Optional 3/16″ abrasion-resistant steel, or 304/316 stainless steel cones are available.

Tough Spouts for Tough Jobs
Sly bulk material loading spouts are built to take it – because we know how tough your job can get. You’ll find heavy duty construction with fully enclosed electricals, RoadStar 18 shroud, and many other design features which make it clear that obsolescence is not a part of the plan at Sly.