XP Bulk Material

loading-imgAll Sly XP bulk material loading spouts have internal stacking cones to direct material flow. When used with a negative pressure dust collection system, it is truly dust-free. Applications include: truck, rail car, tote bin, flexible bulk containers, carton, and drum. In addition to the standard options found on the PV series, the XP bulk loading spout can be custom engineered to meet the most demanding load out environments requiring: explosion proof, abrasion resistant or stainless construction and many others.

Options to increase Sly XP bulk loading spout performance include slack-cable limit switches, and the patented EZView™ lower weldment, which provides viewing ports that permit the spout operator to see the fill status without having to raise the spout above the loading point. This feature helps avoid spills as well as provides the necessary make-up air required for fugitive dust removal.

XP Retractable Loading Spouts

Ideal for loading dry bulk materials into enclosed vessels such as pneumatic trucks and rail cars. The spouts, with proper ventilation, allow dust free loading from silos, belt conveyors, screw conveyors or other material handling material. These spouts are designed for industrial service with heavy duty drives, 3-cable hoist systems, rugged outer shrouds and internal stacking cones available in a number of different materials.