At SLY, LLC, our mission is to be our clients’ trusted advisor. We offer resources to help apply, specify, lay out, and maintain Sly dust collection, wet scrubbing and bulk loading equipment.

Sales Drawings: Sales drawings are available for the most common models of dust collectors and bulk loading spouts to provide basic dimensional and sizing information for planning and preliminary selection of equipment.

Videos: Sly’s short video tutorials are an effective method to share information quickly. These videos benefit both maintenance personnel and engineers with demonstrations of common dust collector operating procedures: from pulse timer set-up, to installation of filter bags and cages, and start up procedures, among others. Please view our list of video topics here. If you have additional requirements for which you would like to see a Sly video please contact us at 1-800-334-2957.

Case Studies: Case studies offered by SLY, LLC document specific real life situations spotlighting Sly’s solutions to particular industrial air pollution control or bulk solids loading problems.

White Papers: White papers offered by SLY, LLC act as a guide, helping readers better understand an issue, solve a problem or gain perspective to help make better decisions. Sly’s white papers discuss a variety of topics: whether it be specific industry applications or review of the pros, cons of alternative types of dust collection equipment.

Industry Links: Links are provided to the major publishers in the powder and bulks solids industry.

Fabric Filter Properties: A simplified chart illustrating common filter bag media types and the operating conditions they are most suited for.

Fabric Filter Chemical Compatibility Chart: A simplified chart illustrating common filter bag media types and their relative resistance to common industrial chemicals.

Fabric Filter Media Options: Sly has created a comprehensive list of common filter bag fabrics for regular and high temperature dust collection applications. Information is provided about different fabric medias, types of finishes, fabric weights, and application recommendations.

Baghouse Maintenance Checklist: Sly created the Maintenance Checklist for a Better Baghouse to help you plan and perform routine inspections to keep your equipment running as designed, to avoid unscheduled maintenance time, and to prolong equipment service life.