TubeJet Baghouse Dust Collectors

Sly TubeJet® dust collectors offer on-line cleaning with a steady pressure drop. Bag changes are exceptionally easy with our “no tools required” design. We offer a full range of baghouse designs and media choices to solve the toughest pollution control problems involving high temperatures, pressures and corrosives.

STJ/SBR – Square Series Pulse Jet Collectors

Sly’s Square/Rectangular TubeJet pulse jet bag house dust collectors are easy to install. Both the top bag removal STJ and the side bag removal SBR models ship complete with a factory-installed adjustable solid state sequential or on-demand pulse timer with conduit and prewired solenoids, and factory-installed air header and pulse valves complete with tubing. Rugged construction is standard.



CTR/CBR – Cylindrical Pulse Jet Collectors

Sly cylindrical collectors are designed for demanding process system use. All welded construction permits vacuum/pressure ranges of 20” w.g. to 17” Hg. Benefits include: no corners for superior cleanability, round walls eliminate “cold spots” and condensation in high heat applications, and conical hopper promotes easy discharge of collected dusts.



Pulse Jet Dust Collector Bags


Filter Media Tensile Strength Abrasion Resistance Organic Acids Resistance – Alkalines Supports Combustion Oxidizing Agents Organic Solvents Recommended Max. Operating Temp. °F Continuous
Copolymer Acrylic Average Average Very Good Fair Yes Good Very Good 240
Du Pont Nomex® Very Good Very Good Poor Very Good No Poor Very Good 375
Fiberglass Excellent Poor Good Good No Excellent Very Good 500
Homopolymer Acrylic Average Average Very Good Fair Yes Good Very Good 280
P-84 Very Good Good Very Good Fair No Very Good Excellent 500
Phillips Ryton® Very Good Average Excellent Excellent No Poor Excellent 360
Polyester Excellent Excellent Good Fair Yes Good Good 275
Polypropylene Excellent Good Excellent Excellent Yes Good Excellent 190
Teflon Average Below Average Excellent Excellent No Excellent Excellent 450