Teflon (TX)

The information provided on this website is intended as a guide for filter bag applications. SLY, LLC. makes no guarantee about the performance or results you can expect from the application of this information unless provided in writing from our staff.

Teflon® (Fluorocarbon fiber/Polytetraflouroethylene aka PTFE). Normal maximum continuous operating temperature is 500°F. Generally used for severe chemical environments at high temperatures. Common applications include coal-fired power plants, cement production, and steel foundries. Chemical resistance is excellent and abrasion resistance is generally superior to protein fibers, but not as good as most synthetics. Teflon® has an extreme high cost and is typically used after everything else has failed. Teflon® is available in both a woven and a felt finished product. This media has poor flex abrasion qualities and requires a 20 vertical wire minimum support cage when used in tubular bag form.

Common brand of PTFE include Gore-Tex® and Tetratex®.

Fiber Filter Properties (PDF)
Fiber Filter Chemical Compatibility Chart (PDF)

  • Available Finishes for Teflon®: Plain (PL); Glazed (GL); ST-09; SlyHE (High efficiency). See detail information on finishes here.
  • Available Weights for Teflon®: 18 oz./yd2, 21 oz./yd2

Teflon® Common Finishes:

PTFE Membrane (TX-XP) – For extreme application, the PTFE filter bag’s efficiency and cake release is further improved with the addition of a thin membrane of PTFE applied to the felt. A PTFE filter with a PTFE membrane gives maximum emissions protection.

Glazed (GLTX) – This process involves running the felt through two heated rollers to melt back the loose fiber ends improving the cake release. The process can also compress the felt to smooth the surface, further improving the cake release.