Cotton (CT)

The information provided on this website is intended as a guide for filter bag applications. SLY, LLC. makes no guarantee about the performance or results you can expect from the application of this information unless provided in writing from our staff.

Woven Cotton (CT) Normal maximum continuous operating temperature is 180°F. Woven cotton is typically used on shaker type collectors. General applications include: cleaning rooms, atmospheric air cleaning, woodworking applications, cement & rock products, and other general application handling ambient air. Chemical resistance is poor and flammability is high. Cotton filters offer good chemical resistance in dry, ambient conditions and is not recommended where mineral acids and oxidizing agents are present. These filters offer good resistance to both flex and flat abrasion. Cotton has excellent clean-down where static charge tends to hold dust cake on other fibers. Cotton is available with a flame retardant finish

Cotton Sateen (special woven stitch) – Call office for information and availability (9.7oz. avail. only)

Fiber Filter Properties (PDF)
Fiber Filter Chemical Compatibility Chart (PDF)

  • Available Finishes for Cotton: Plain (PL); Fire Retardant (FR)
  • Available Weights for Cotton: 9.7 oz./yd2