Explosion Protection Expertise

Combustible dust protection is an important consideration for many dust collection applications. Sly has the expertise to help you meet NFPA standards and the intent of the OSHA Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program initiated in 2008.

Sly’s dust collection manufacturers and professionals can assist you in all aspects of this challenging issue of explosion protection. As a trusted advisor to our customers, Sly will offer advice and make recommendations when combustible concerns are presented to us. As a custom manufacturer, each dust collection and explosion protection solution is designed according to its specific application and process conditions.

Sly has excellent working relationships with all of the major suppliers of combustible dust protection equipment and we can help our customers integrate explosion protection solutions for our dust collectors within a safe overall installation.
Typical solutions which Sly can assist with include:

  • How to determine if your dust is combustible
  • Hazard analysis by an explosion protection expert to evaluate system design and identify housekeeping requirements and required documentation.
  • Documented design calculations
  • Pred values calculated and documented
  • Determination of fireball length and clearances required for worker safety
  • Requirements for vent dusts on indoor applications
  • Gas-tight construction for inert gas closed-loop systems

Common Sly-provided combustible dust equipment may include:

  • Explosion vents designed in accordance with NFPA-68-2013
  • Suppression systems designed in accordance with NFPA-69-2014
  • Isolation solutions for dusty air inlets, clean air outlets, and dust discharge
  • Flameless venting or quench tubes
  • Grounded and/or conductive filter bags
  • External grounding of housings
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Electrical enclosures and wiring to meet NFPA-70-2014 (NEC)