Impinjet® – Impingement Wet Scrubber

Sly Impinjet® Wet Gas Scrubbers collect particulates, and absorb vapors and gases. High collection efficiencies (99% @5 microns) are achieved with low water consumption and minimum pressure drop. This is the most efficient low energy scrubber available. Capacities to 200,000+ CFM.

Water requirements are typically 3 GPM per 1000 ACFM. Unique flexibility is furnished by Impinjet® Scrubbers. Made with the future in mind, additional stages can be added to existing installations to improve efficiency to handle tomorrow’s requirements,without increasing liquid consumption. There is no need to buy complete new units.

Impinjet® Scrubber Benefits

  • 99% collection efficiency for 5 microns or larger.
  • Optimal performance for cooling, condensing and heat recovery for applications with hot flue gases.
  • High absorption efficiency for gases and vapors. Experts agree that impingement plate towers have the ability to remove gaseous pollutants to any desired concentration if a sufficient number of plates are used. This means high mass transfer rates can be achieved.
  • These high efficiencies are achieved at a low pressure drop.
  • Both particle collection and absorption of gases, vapors, etc. can be done at the same time.
  • Multiple stages can be provided.
  • No moving parts to maintain.
  • Extensive experience with many applications available.
  • Needs less scrubbing fluid than most other scrubbers.
  • Integral sump or separate recirculation system designs available to minimize total water consumption.
  • Can handle high temperatures and temperature fluctuations.

Impingement Scrubber Operating Principles

Impinjet EfficiencyThe gas passes up through the openings in the perforated plates (trays) which hold a bed of liquid. The secret is in the scrubber’s design which uses an impingement baffle above each individual hole. The tiny droplets, created by the wetted baffles, are the heart of the collection process.

Gas velocities of 60 to 75 feet/second through the holes result in thousands of jets which atomize the liquid into droplets on the order of 100 microns in diameter to clean the contaminated gas. This entraps the particles in the scrubbing liquid. Each jet aspirates liquid from the blanket of scrubbing fluid and results in a wetted target surface on the baffle which is located just above the point of maximum velocity (vena contracta).

In operation, the scrubber is highly pluggage-resistant. The continuous violent agitation of the blanket of scrubbing fluid prevents settling of particles and flushes them away. Intimate gas/liquid contact results in the maximum collection efficiency for particles and droplets as well as absorption (mass transfer) of gases and vapors. When used for absorption, low outlet emissions can be achieved by virtue of the scrubber’s countercurrent operation. The Sly Impinjet® Gas Scrubber is able to reduce gaseous pollutants to any desired concentration if a sufficient number of plate stages is used.

Impinjet® Wet Scrubber Pictures and Diagrams