Application Examples

educt1Eductor Scrubber Removes Sticky Resins and Vapors from Heated Kettles
An eductor venturi scrubber has been successfully applied at this chemical manufacturer to remove resins and vapors from its manufacturing process. Recirculated water is introduced into the eductor vessel at 100 PSIG, which, by travelling through a venturi throat, induces an 800 ACFM process gas flow.

Gas/liquid contact occurs in the throat of the venturi where the contaminant gas or particulate matter is scrubbed. Leaving the throat, the gas is allowed to expand in the venturi’s diverging section prior to entering the separator tank. Once in the separator tank, the gas stream makes several sharp changes in direction, causing entrained water droplets to impinge on the tank wall or the liquid surface. The scrubbed gas then exits the separator through a mist eliminator pad and is exhausted to the atmosphere.

Each eductor scrubber is custom-engineered to meet specific performance requirements. Design flexibility makes the eductor very versatile. It is easily staged with other collection devices such as impingement plate scrubbers or packed towers. Where extremely high efficiencies are required, eductor scrubbers can be arranged in series. Eductor scrubbers and separation tanks are available to handle gas flows up to 10000 CFM. The high liquid flow rate makes the Sly eductor particularly appropriate for the collection of sticky and/or gummy particulate as well as gases which decompose upon contact with water.

educt2Eductor Venturi/Packed Tower Combination Removes Particulate and Absorbs Alcohol Vapors
A combined eductor/packed tower collector that removes solid particulate and absorbs alcohol has been successfully employed by a major specialty chemical producer.

The equipment vents a variety of process equipment. The eductor venturi induces the gas flow using a high pressure and volume of recirculated water focused into the throat of the venturi. Particulate matter is removed in venturi.

After the eductor, a packed tower scrubber with an extended packed section removes alcohol vapors by counter-current contact with a once through flow of fresh water. The equipment is skid-mounted, stainless steel construction, designed for 500 CFM.

SLY, LLC. manufactures eductor scrubbers to handle gas flows up to 10,000 CFM. Packed towers are produced to handle flows to over 100,000 CFM. All equipment is custom-engineered to meet specific performance requirements and produced in Sly’s own plants.